Future Focus 2022 - Food Trends

Future Focus 2022 – Food Trends

Food landscape

In 2022, food and entertainment will further collide as chefs find direct ways to engage consumers through online content channels.

TikTok’s on-trend recipes are causing grocery ingredients to sell out.

Offline, eatertainment spaces are emerging with immersive dining experiences to stimulate all five senses.


On-demand Chef Content

As a result of restaurant dining restrictions and the rise of home cooking during the pandemic, we have a new generation of amateur chefs wanting to learn tips from their culinary heroes. On the flipside, chefs were also looking to make extra revenue to support their in-real-life culinary work.

Digital platforms are connecting restaurants and chefs with food enthusiasts, allowing leading chefs from around the world to share recommendations, recipes and cooking tips with new audiences.

YouTube star channels like Stove’s Kitchen and platforms like Masterclass are producing on-demand educational culinary content delivered by global chefs like Massimo Bottura to engage younger generations.


Eatertainment Venues

Credit: Pudu Pudu, Los Angeles

Brands are fusing food, entertainment and immersive interiors to create highly shareable, social dining moments to entice people back to bricks-and-mortar experiences.

Pudu Pudu, a Los Angeles dessert bar aimed at Gen Z, uses pastel interiors, terrazzo counter and graphic backdrops to make their digital-first audience photograph their meals. The resulting social media shares bring them even more visitors.

Vipp, a Danish furniture design business, has opened a supper club in Copenhagen that foreshadows the future of hybrid dining and entertainment experiences. Club visitors can enjoy musical performances to complement a variety of meals while dining and socialising among Vipp’s homewares, thanks to a rotating roster of chefs.


Tik Tok Foodies

TikTok’s culinary trends are spilling over into the real world, inspiring new brands, products, menus and marketing concepts.

The app’s viral content is creating a hype cycle of culinary trends. In 2021, a baked feta pasta recipe shared on TikTok affected the cheese supply chains in the US.

Modern Gourmet Foods is the maker of BomBombs. This chocolate bomb went viral overnight on TikTok, causing keyword searches for the term on Amazon to soar from 1,800 to 143,000.

Yoghurt brand Chobani used TikTok to launch a limited-edition flavour, Chobani Flip Cookie Dough. With users only able to win a case of the product by creating a video using the #SwitchTheChobaniFlip hashtag, Chobani successfully used marketing hype to sell their product.


Wrap up

We hope that this report inspires you to adapt your food brand to this new era and evolve with these changing consumer trends.

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Written by Tania Donohue
Tania is the Insights & Strategy Director at Davidson Branding. Over her 17year career, Tania has evolved countless existing brands and brought new ones to life. She approaches all projects from a hybrid ‘commercial-creative' lens, ensuring that all strategic and design work has a solid foundation to help businesses thrive.
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