Future Focus 2022 - Wellness Trends

Future Focus 2022 – Wellness Trends

Wellness landscape

In 2022, virtual health communities will continue to flourish, rewriting the public narrative around personal wellness.

The pandemic shone a light on the scarcity of public health resources, forcing people to take health into their own hands. The result is a new definition of self-care built around holistic products and accessible resources.

Fitness regimes are also changing: exertainment is putting the fun back into workouts, while clothing is going plant-based in line with people’s planet-conscious lifestyles.


Peer-to-peer support

With chronic conditions rising and traditional support systems failing, many young people and digital communities are filling the gaps left by healthcare providers.

Data from Blue Cross Blue Shield shows that one-third of US Millennials have health conditions that reduce their quality of life. This is creating a need for digital spaces and membership clubs that radically rethink support systems.

Rewriting the public narrative of chronic illnesses, Superbloom is a social media platform offering a safe space for people to track their health journeys, share personal stories and wellness solutions. It creates a like-minded community to engage in long-term, peer-to-peer support.


Bio activewear

Synthetic fibres make up 69% of all textiles materials. Potentially toxic and health-harming chemicals used in high-performance activewear are also under public scrutiny.

In 2022, brands are recognising the benefits of plant-based performance apparel and workout accessories to lessen their own and their customers’ environmental impact.

Pangaia, a clothing business that focuses on sustainable, non-toxic alternatives to synthetic materials, recently launched a 31-piece activewear line made from castor beans, seaweed, and eucalyptus.

Athleisure brand Gentrue is replacing finishing chemicals with natural silk proteins that deliver impressive functionality, including moisture-wicking and quick-drying properties.

Lululemon is partnering with biotechnology company LanzaTech to pioneer eco-friendly yarns and fabrics made from recycled carbon emissions. Lululemon has also made yoga mats from Mylo, a leather-like material made from mushrooms.


Exertainment (exercise/entertainment)

As gyms steadily re-open after local lockdowns, some consumers seek new ways to make fitness more enjoyable and social. Brands and gyms that offer exertainment—live and streamed classes that combine entertainment and exercise—are the answer.

Obé, a digital fitness platform, is recreating the social aspect of group workouts with its online Workout Parties, which allow users to invite up to seven friends to exercise and video chat with.

FitArt developed an app that combines digital art and fitness routines. Exercise classes double as immersive art exhibitions with different artists combining movement with their creative projects.

Running Stories, an audio-led fitness brand, tells audio stories with its listeners as protagonists. They use real-time data to create audio narratives matching the listener’s surroundings.


Wrap up

We hope that this report inspires you to adapt your wellness brand to this new era and evolve with these changing consumer trends.

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Written by Tania Donohue
Tania is the Insights & Strategy Director at Davidson Branding. Over her 17year career, Tania has evolved countless existing brands and brought new ones to life. She approaches all projects from a hybrid ‘commercial-creative' lens, ensuring that all strategic and design work has a solid foundation to help businesses thrive.
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