Gem Toothpaste packaging

Gem; A brand inspiring a new Gen

Created by Aussie Georgia Geminder, 'Gem' is the newest brand to hit our shelves, hearts and mouths! Gem has proudly produced the first toothpaste in Australia to contain an oral probiotic, along with the bonus of being vegan, enamel-strengthening, non-toxic and chemical-free. A perfect add on to your beauty cart or design inspiration board, guaranteed to level up your wellness (and breath) game.

Geminder was inspired to create a range of products after noticing a clear gap in the market for natural, toxic-free toothpaste whilst she was shopping for everyday groceries.


While working in LA, Geminder was inundated with cosmetics; however, she noticed quite a prominent move towards favouring natural products, which was surprisingly not carried throughout dental hygiene products. Isolating toothpaste as a product that lacked natural options, Geminder filled the void in the market by creating a chemical-free toothpaste that actually works. Noticing that competitor products lacked the minty taste or weren’t effective fluoride alternatives, Gem released four flavours of toothpaste; apple mint, coconut mint, crisp mint and cinnamon mint.


Gem Toothpaste Packaging

Gem’s packaging captures the authenticity of the product and its story visually. 


Geminder admitted that toothpaste was viewed as a “daggy category,” but with the ambition to reposition toothpaste to be an equal player in the beauty scene, she hopes to challenge the norm and position oral care with a beauty lens.


Gem products stand proudly as a challenger brand that disrupts the ‘dated’ image of existing healthcare products. It has the clear objective of turning oral healthcare from simply hygiene-related to something that is’ trendy’ and ‘glamorous’—a beauty product that is just as important as any other to our health, wellness, and beauty.


Gem Toothpaste Packaging

Geminder found that outside of the main brands, no one was selling a natural product aimed at a younger demographic.


It has a strong positioning as a natural, non-toxic oral care product that is equally effective in maintaining oral hygiene as traditional fluoride toothpaste through a natural alternative, hydroxyapatite. This differentiates from other competitor toothpaste that claim to be ‘natural’ but don’t have the efficacy of fluoride toothpaste.


The unique hexagonal cap and matte-finished pack forms break away from the glossy competitor alternatives, making it feel premium and sophisticated creating a strong colour blocking and standout on-shelf. In addition, the label design highlights the key differentiator of the product being ‘premium’ and ‘natural’. Together with the list of natural ingredients, the label communicates the science-backed formula and credibility of the product as a truly effective natural alternative.


Gem Toothpaste Packaging

The non-toxic toothpaste comes in four delicious flavours; apple mint, cinnamon mint, crisp mint, coconut mint.


The soft pastel packaging feels fresh and contemporary, using subtle nods to 90’s movie nostalgia with bold, quirky typography and a down-to-earth, positive and conversational tone of voice. Most notably, they’re packaged inside stylish, high-end pretty pastel tubes designed not only to make you look good but to look good on display.


Designed with simplicity in mind, the branding feels understated and chic, with on-trend colour pairings and carefully considered iconography to showcase their brand and product benefits. The bold pastel colours feel contemporary, stylish and fresh, targeted directly to Millennial and Gen Z markets. The modern, gestural script of the brand mark, paired with the clean sans serif typography, feels fashionable and edgy—relevant to visual trends that appeal to the Millenial generation.


Gem Toothpaste Packaging

Gem is an Australian-made and-owned toothpaste that accomplishes everything a toothpaste should, including freshening, brightening, and protecting your teeth.


The packaging, models, and graphic direction strategically target Millennials; however, the brand is for everyone with teeth.


Although the brand has only been operating for a little over a year, it is now available in Mecca and dental clinics around Australia.


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Gem Toothpaste Packaging




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Written by Grant Davidson
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