Reinventing a classic brand; Haws’ innovative brand refresh

An iconic horticulture brand and the world’s oldest watering can manufacturer, Together Design repositioned the Haws brand to meet the demands of an increasingly competitive market. Known for their high-quality and handcrafted watering cans in an age of mass production, the contemporary reimagining helped to bolster their eco-conscious values and their connection to both traditional horticulturalists and a new generation of gardeners, all whilst staying true to their ‘roots’.


The Haws logo draws on the heritage and craftsmanship of the brand and revistalises it in a contemporary light. Making clear references to nature, the logo features branches of hawthorn, a leaf-shaped swash and an organic crossbar.




For over 130 years, Haws watering cans and their patented designs have earned them a stellar reputation amongst the gardening community. With an exponentially growing interest in hobby gardening, Haws commissioned Together Design to catapult the brand back at the top of the market through a holistic brand refresh. The Haws packaging heroes the product and makes use of the ample range of the brand’s visual assets developed over the years, particularly their patented illustrations. At 100% scale, the packaging redesign showcases the attention to detail and ergonomics of the products. Customers are able to see exactly what they’re going to get – hand-made quality craftsmanship and innovative designs that are considerate of their environmental impact.



The product ranges were segmented and received names as unique as the packaging forms themselves, including The Fazeley Flow and The Rowley Ripple.




The packaging refresh is utilitarian in its execution and focuses on efficiency and reducing environmental impact through a simple and multi-purpose innovation. By building a cardboard box around the shape of their iconic watering can, Haws lean into their sustainability mantra by using 100% recyclable boxes. Maintaining a connection to all things nature, each box contains a card embedded with seeds which can be watered and planted. The unique, tessellating shape increases storage-space efficiency by at least 20%, reduces the amount of packaging materials used and lowers the cost of delivery while enhancing product desirability through intriguing in-store display patterns. The packaging solution highlighted both the aesthetic appeal and drove home the function and purpose of the product; the watering cans were not only a useful tool in the increasingly popular world of hobby gardeners, but could also be a decorative feature at the home.



Sustainability and gardening were pulled through all aspects of the Haws brand refresh in unique and interesting ways. 


Their first brand refresh in decades, the challenge came from maintaining the brand’s connection to seasoned horticulturalists, whilst also building a relationship with the style-conscious Instagram generation. The brandmark makes clear nods to their British-made heritage and gardening in their wordmark through elegant references to nature, including the delicate leaf swash in the ‘W’ and the arched bar in the ‘A’ to resemble a stem. Keeping the up and coming generation of gardeners in mind, all the brand touchpoints were revisited and optimised to strengthen their online, social media and eCommerce presence.



All brand touchpoints were revisited and optimised for a range of platforms, with a particular focus digital on the brand’s digital presence. This saw the repositioning of Haws as a competitive eCommerce brand.  


The Haws packaging and brand refresh is a simple and attractive solution which highlights that innovative design doesn’t need to be built around huge and grand gestures. Through a holistic strategy targeting all facets of the brand, the Haws brand is able to be more environmentally friendly, efficient and has garnered increased interest in the gardening community. We love Haws’ redesign as an uncomplicated and effective reimagining of a classic brand in a rapidly evolving market.



Under a contemporary lens, the Haws brand honed in on craftsmanship and heritage while heroing their iconic products.




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Written by Grant Davidson
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