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HyperloopTT’s smart branding: humanising a futuristic innovation

Travelling in elevated pods unrestricted by air and friction will no longer belong as a concept only in science-fiction books or movies, but instead will become the norm as of 2020. Hyperloop Transportation Technologies aims to change the game and revolutionise the way we travel by promising a more affordable, much more convenient and far less stressful process with the introduction of frictionless electromagnetic levitation technology. As futuristic and innovative as the technology is, unlike its competitors, HyperloopTT has strategically put human connection at the centre and has incorporated ‘familiar’ elements in its branding; reducing friction and successfully resonating with potential future passengers.


Using super-speed electromagnetic levitation technology, HyperloopTT is seeking to change the way we travel around the world.


Breaking Conformity Barriers


HyperloopTT is a brand that seeks to drive humanity into the future through both their technology and their strong brand message which focuses on facilitating human connections. Founded in 2013, the California-based company has an established network of over 800 skilled individuals across six continents; all united by one common goal: reinventing travelling as we know through the use of hyperloop technology.


The idea of using low-pressure, vacuum-like tubes as a method of transportation has been around since 1864; however, Tesla’s Elon Musk reignited the interest in this concept in 2013 by writing the ‘Hyperloop Alpha’ paper. The idea envisioned by the entrepreneur was for passengers to travel in pods through a reduced-pressure tube similar to travelling in an aeroplane whilst still on – or below – the ground. Turning this vision into a reality has required time, extensive planning, and for hundreds of experts to partner together. Soon after, the race to this technology being used by multiple companies started – with HyperloopTT being the first one to develop the technology.



HyperloopTT’s stations are societal hubs that aim to best-adapt to the needs of people by creating beautifully crafted experiences that put the user at the centre.


HyperloopTT is the world’s first hyperloop transport system that aims to revolutionise mobility and change the way people around the world connect by proposing a super-speed travel system that is able to safely, and quietly, carry passengers and freight at up to 1223km/h at ground level – all whilst creating no waste. Despite the technology being available to several counterparts, what differentiates the company from its competitors is its branding places emphasis on the human element; “Yes, there is a story about technology, but it’s got tangible human benefits”.


HyperloopTT’s technology proposes to transform the way we move and interact with people, businesses and travel.


HyperloopTT’s Rebranding: Humanised Mobility


HyperloopTT’s underlying brand strategy is derived from the real, tangible benefits the transportation may bring to the lives of consumers. The concept is built on the idea of bringing ‘more’ to people’s lives. By removing time and travel-related obstacles, the HyperloopTT brand strategy encourages a new way of interacting with people and businesses. The breakthrough in mobility will be a welcome escape from long, arduous travel and will help to capture HyperloopTT’s vision for the future; the empowerment of people to have more time, choice and freedom.


The hyperloop technology impressively has the ability to reduce the commuting times between two ZIP codes, but ultimately it presents an opportunity to change how people live in cities. Consequently, the primary benefit is that passengers of HyperloopTT would have more time with their family and friends. This “altruistic” aspect was consistently included and emphasised in all the branding details – starting from the logo.



The HyperloopTT brand experience aims to empower passengers with more time, choice and freedom by making life more frictionless.


The symbol comprising of two T letters – resembling a widened H when turned on their sides – aims to represent “the gap being closed”. The space which HyperloopTT refers to as the ‘levitation pump’ reflects how the hyperloop technology works; when the capsule is at full speed, it creates a levitation pump that enables the capsule to travel extremely quickly.


Despite there being a homage to the technology itself, the focus of HyperloopTT in its branding is quite different from its competitors, who solely focus on emphasising the technological aspect to attract funding for the project. Furthermore, this rebranding has also been beneficial for the company as previously its competitor, Virgin Hyperloop One, had a similar approach to adopting space-inspired design elements.



The distinctive HyperloopTT wordmark draws inspiration from their innovative transportation system.


What makes the HyperloopTT brand stand out is also their choice of bold colours – red and black. The company conducted extensive research on transport brands, focusing mainly on aeroplanes, adopting the “tropes” and thus following a more familiar aesthetic – which perhaps could be seen as unexpected by a company which at its core is futuristic in its vision. However, playing on familiarity was an intentional and smart move as it reduces the anxiety of future passengers who might be uncomfortable with travelling inside a capsule, in a vacuumless tube.


Strengthening the advantage over the company’s competitors, the brand identity guidelines used by the international HyperloopTT team reflect a coherent experience with the brand through consistent brand execution across all platforms.



The use of a brand strategy and brand guidelines in an international team has ensured a consistent visual language across platforms.


A Brand That Promises ‘More’


HyperloopTT is a brand that seeks to drive humanity into the future through both their technology and their strong brand message. The dynamic brand identity separates the brand from its competitors by breaking away from typical tropes and instead inspires forward-thinking and progress as the world grows more connected through innovations in technology. Through the company’s commitment to its brand strategy and vision, HyperloopTT has shown itself to be a leader in its field; seen by the heightened interest the company has generated on social platforms attracting over 50,000 followers on Facebook, 25,000 on Instagram, 30,000 on LinkedIn, and over 700,000 on YouTube.



The world’s first commercial Hyperloop system is coming to the UAE later this year.


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