Lush Liverpool; a fizzy take on retail

Lush Liverpool; a fizzy take on retail

Lush is a world-renowned inventor, manufacturer and retailer; its brand synonymous with fun, creativity and sustainability. Ever since its early days in Dorset, the company has prided itself in its ethical business practices; its transparent core beliefs and ‘inventor-maker mentality’ shaping their core products and retail spaces. Recognising the importance of brick-and-mortar stores in driving business growth, Lush’s latest project in Liverpool creatively reinvents retail as we know it by incorporating exclusive treatments, partnering with local businesses and leveraging technology; its primary goal delivering a “borderless”, one-of-a-kind customer experience.


Set to revolutionise the cosmetic world as we know it; Lush Liverpool features various seasonal displays – presenting visitors with up to 300 exclusive products throughout the year. 


Lush’s latest venture is a retail space situated in Liverpool; impressively grand enough to fit over 9 million of its iconic bath bombs. Created by the Lush in-house design team, in partnership with architectural firm Hyphen and executed by Portview, the new store masterfully marries the old with the new; reminiscing traditional department stores whilst making space for services that are uncommon for retail spaces. 




Liverpool’s store styling plays on the nostalgia and charm of department store fixtures married with the modernity of contemporary materials like cherry wood. The contrasting materials capture the sophistication of the brand whilst tying in with the wholesomeness that characterises its personality.


The Green Hub supports local talent; Lush Liverpool hosts a permanent florist that sells only locally sourced, in-season bouquets all year round.


The Liverpool flagship store has become a natural extension of the brand, communicating clearly to every customer Lush’s unique brand identity. Impressively, each stage of the process had sustainability in mind; starting from the design choices to the responsible sourcing, restoring and repurposing of recycled materials. The cosmetic retailer placed a tremendous focus on incorporating materials such as reclaimed FSC certified timbers, brick and cradle to cradle silver tiles; each detail carrying the brand’s ethos. 




The new Lush store taps into its visitors’ senses by creating destinations within the store where they can immerse themselves in; presenting a holistic brand experience that cannot be replicated online. Driven by the goal of creating a destination store that brought unique personal experiences to the high street, the brand incorporated individual services areas designed to maximise engagement – starting from a spa, a hair lab, a perfume library, coffee bar, party room, florist and shop floor. 



The biggest Lush store of the world features a hair salon where customers can trial over 50 new products, get a haircut or book a styling consultation with an expert.  


Presenting customers a complete beauty experience without disturbing and compromising the natural flow of the space, the various value-adding destinations provide an exclusive retail experience only found at Lush; one that cannot be replicated by similar brands who do not possess the products and in-store talent. By creatively inspiring, entertaining and educating visitors on Lush products, the theatres created further elevate the in-store experience and provide customers with a compelling reason to visit the Liverpool store.


The Liverpool flagship store is a make-up lover’s dream; one can find the entire Lush makeup range consisting of vegan and packaging-free products that benefit the skin. 


Visitors are engaged in a multisensory experience; from the astounding colour spectacle of the product displays that resemble art installations to the scent of the signature bath bombs that run on sushi-style conveyor belts. By tapping into the senses of sight, touch and smell Lush not only allows customers to create memorable in-store moments but also facilitates trial of a multitude of their products; showcasing practically how Lush products would fit into their lives. 



Lush’s retail store now has its very own coffee and tea kiosks; offering customers a 100% vegan, locally sourced, plastic-free alternative.




Staying true to Lush’s strong environmental ethos and its goal of bringing more innovation to its retail spaces, the Liverpool flagship store leverages technology to further immerse customers in the journey and minimise waste. Renowned for selling a multitude of its fan-favourite products “naked”, Lush Liverpool introduced Lens gift – an initiative that reduces packaging further by ditching tags and labels entirely. Customers can now simply scan packages under the exclusive in-store kiosks and tablets which offer faster transactions and more payment options. It’s been suggested that the introduction of such novel, seamless payment systems has resulted in the brand’s revenue rising by 20%. 


The Lush Liverpool team prepares fresh handmade products onsite to be featured “naked” in the in-store displays or used by the Spa therapists onsite. 


As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Lush had to further innovate to adapt to the restrictions put in place by the British government. In absence of the dearly loved in-store demos, Lush launched the LushLabs app; allowing visitors to see products in action and get detailed information on the ingredients by simply scanning them on their phone. 



Lush’s colourful collection of bath bombs and 29 exclusive perfumes immerse customers in a sensory experience unlike any other; a library onsite giving them further insight into the sounds and smells that inspired the inventors and founders to come up with each of the iconic products. 




If you need help making customer experience central to your retail strategy, we’d like to offer you a complimentary strategy call with our Managing Director and Head of Strategy, Grant Davidson. Having nearly 30 years of industry experience working with groundbreaking brands, Grant has the experience and knowledge necessary to identify your core brand strategy and communicate it effectively.


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