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Ooho by Notpla: Making packaging disappear

Founded with the intention of ‘changing the world’, eight years down the line NOTPLA has undoubtedly become a brand standing at the forefront of environmental sustainability. The London-based startup’s first product - Ooho - introduced the world to edible water bubbles by leveraging their creation: the NOTPLA technology. The flexible liquid packaging made of brown seaweed made way for the organisation to raise funds and partner with global giants like Unilever; developing various naturally-biodegradable packaging alternatives to plastic. Now with a striking rebrand to match its simple yet bold mission, NOTPLA is surely on its way to achieving its ambitious goal of ‘becoming a household name that signifies fully-natural packaging’.

Ooho Notpla

NOTPLA introduces an innovative plant-based alternative to plastic sachets; the edible packaging made of seaweed and plants naturally biodegrades within 4 to 6 weeks.


NOTPLA was initially founded as Skipping Rocks Lab by two at-the-time British students. After going viral with their innovative concept – Ooho – the duo went on to collaborate with chemical engineers and chemists from Imperial College; testing the ‘sustaina-bubbles’ at takeaway shops, festivals and sporting events. A few partnerships and product expansions down the road, the startup rebranded to NOTPLA; honouring the revolutionary material developed by the lab, and better-reflecting the company’s evolution. 


Ooho Notpla

Packaging with a shelf-life that matches that of the product it contains; the Ooho sachets by NOTPLA are colourless, flavourless, heat resistant and edible.


Whilst its focus enlarged, the company’s mission remained the same: ‘making packaging disappear in every possible field’. Made from one of nature’s more renewable resources, brown seaweed, NOTPLA presents an alternative to single-use plastic and other plant-based packaging options like PLA which when disposed in the ocean prove to be equally detrimental for the wildlife. Ideal for on the go consumption, the all-natural packaging for sauces and beverages can be consumed with the product, as it has no flavour or smell, or can be thrown away to naturally biodegrade in 4 to 6 weeks.   


Ooho Notpla

Encouraging the takeaway sector to ditch single-use plastic sachets; NOTPLA partnered with Just Eat UK to trial various sauces in their biodegradable packaging.




NOTPLA’s team is driven by the ambitious vision of saving the ocean; leveraging technology to create innovative products that help sustain ‘unpolluted, naturally sustainable ocean ecosystems’. The startup’s clear positioning highlights the unique quality that sets its products apart from any other alternative out there; being both edible and biodegradable. It further speaks to the brand’s higher purpose of reducing plastic consumption and introducing an innovative packaging alternative to the takeaway sector, and the spirits, energy and soft drink brands that are distributed in bars, festivals and sporting events.


Ooho Notpla

The Ooho bar presented consumers with over ten different cocktails and juices, ranging from classics like espresso martini to original creations exclusive to the London location.


The new name simply and boldly introduces NOTPLA for what they are: ‘not plastic; not PLA; a new thing’. Cleverly derived from its strategy, the essence of the business and proprietary material is communicated through sound and derivation of the name. Not only is it as unique as the groundbreaking material that inspired it, but it is also short and easily memorable – a trademark of a great brand name. 


Ooho Notpla

Providing sustainable energy; NOTPLA teamed up with Lucozade for their marathons in Richmond and West Sussex, replacing plastic cups with Oohos at all water stations.




The new animated identity visually captures the brand story, reflecting a vessel that gets filled and whose exterior disappears when emptied; similarly to NOTPLA’s packaging and its hero product – Ooho. As a tenacious brand in constant pursuit of innovation and packaging solutions that minimise global environmental problems, the wordmark could not have reflected its simple, bold and confident personality better.


Ooho Notpla

When asked, customers had a unanimous opinion regarding NOTPLA and its innovative seaweed-based sachets; 92% expressing that they are easier to use than the plastic alternatives, and 93% wanting to see more of them in the future.


Previously advertised under the name OohoWater, the NOTPLA rebrand was a commendable strategic move by the founders – Rodrigo Garcia Gonzalez and Pierre Paslier – as the range of products from leveraging the NOTPLA technology grew beyond just edible bubbles. NOTPLA better-represents the entire range of sustainable creations developed, namely: coatings for liners, films and nets; not compromising in powerfully communicating its mission and USP.


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