Pantone Pop-up

Pantone Pop-up; a bright palette for the designer palate.

The Pantone colour identification system is the inspiration behind the lively pop-up cafe. The Pantone Cafe Monaco is a summer seafront pop-up on the promenade of the Grimaldi Forum on the southern coast of France. Bold in colour, the vibrant bistro creates food inspired by various hues in the Pantone colour system with each item on the menu paired to a corresponding swatch and code. With a wide assortment of sandwiches, beverages and desserts you can simply sip on a Pantone 16-1227 latte or indulge in a Pantone 16-0924 croissant whilst enjoying the unrivalled view.

PANTONE the universal language of colour since 1963. A company best known for its matching system has previously experimented with novel ways of allowing customers to interact with and experience the brand. The Pantone Cafe is the latest pop-up in the colour swatch series, following the Pantone Hotel.


Pantone Pop-up


In addition to the plethora of colour-coded menu items, the colourful eatery also applies the iconic design system to food trays, napkins, folding chairs and the facade of the pop-up itself. All producing a visual and lively experience for visitors described as “ a feast for the eyes and your stomach.”


Pantone Pop-up

The Pantone pop-up features a vivid rainbow-hued palette of food and decor.


The series of swatch branded summer cafes is reflective of Pantones efforts to move away from their typical marketing streams and captivate colour fanatics and those with a designer aesthetic.


Pop-up stores have become increasingly popular as they make for an excellent opportunity to reinvent traditional retail channels and allow brands to engage with today’s omnichannel shoppers in a unique way. Providing an unexpected and immersive shopping experience in a and one of a kind setting.


Pantone Pop-up

Pantone is an excellent example of a global brand utilising Instagram to promote its brand and bring awareness to its products by leveraging pop-up events and current trends.


Pantone has created seasonal eateries using current trends to create the perfect Instagram bait. Generating immense excitement in the press and across their social platforms, ultimately driving awareness to their brand and products through the use of the global phenomenon, Instagram.


The New Jersey-based brand has used pop-up cafes to allow customers to truly immerse themselves in a world-renowned brand, inviting customers to “taste the colour”.


Pantone Pop-up

The Pantone cafe is a fascinating demonstration of how simple yet powerful visual displays can heighten all of the senses.


The pop-up cafes were one of many experimental leaps outside of the typical business model for Pantone, and whilst the brand does not appear to have any ambitions to venture into the culinary world, the cafe has enabled Pantone to take creative risks and in return has become a social media sensation.




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