The Australian

Healthy Foods Report

The big trends impacting food brands in 2023/24


Perhaps the one thing that every consumer from Gen Z to Baby Boomers agree on is that eating healthily is incredibly important. Their commitment to it has become a cornerstone of their value systems and how they live their lives. And while plant-based foods may seem the flavour of the month, there are extraordinary opportunities in every food category including those that might have traditionally been viewed as ‘unhealthy’.

However, effectively leveraging this fundamental shift takes more than just slapping the word ‘natural’ on the label. It requires that deep insights that are only available from carefully designed primary research.

In conjunction with Shopper Scientist Mark Fletcher, we surveyed 750 Australian consumers to delve into the realities of everyday life and supermarket shopping.

Our study found that in just the last 12 months, balancing the competing demands of health and budget has led to radical and widespread changes in both eating and purchasing patterns. It is a new paradigm that requires fresh and innovative approaches to food brand building and product development.

We invite you to join us in actioning these insights and opportunities to make your brand one of the trusted few that consumers take with them on their journey to health and wellness.

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What’s inside the report?

Purposeful Eating

Consumers’ interest in purposeful eating and healthy food choices has created new categories of FMCG and services. Despite confusion over healthy food definitions, brands can differentiate themselves by providing accurate information on the health benefits of their products, as demonstrated by successful cases such as McCain Foods.

Meaningful Meals

The pandemic has resulted in a shift towards home dining due to cost pressures, creating challenges for the hospitality industry to attract customers. However, offering healthy food options can help to attract more customers, as seen with the success of brands like Morsl and subscription lunch brands.

Careful Choices

The Australian food and beverage industry is undergoing a shift towards plant-based options, red meat alternatives, non-alcoholic spirits, and local Australian-made products due to health, fitness, environmental, and animal welfare concerns driving consumer demand.

Difficult Decisions

In Australia, more than 2 million households have experienced severe food insecurity in the past year, forcing many to choose between paying bills and eating. A recent study found that the perception of healthy food being expensive is widespread, with 59% of consumers believing that it would cost them at least $50 more per week to eat healthily, making affordable, tasty, and healthy food options essential.

Segments of Interest

Discover the latest insights into changing attitudes towards healthy food among women, young families, and Gen Z. With the rise of plant-based foods driven by consumer demand for products that align with their values, brands need to differentiate themselves by offering unique value propositions to attract and retain customers.

7 strategies behind the world's most successful destination brands

7 strategies behind the world's most successful destination brands


Executive Presentations and Workshops

Book an in-house executive presentation where we will further expand on the insights, industry trends, and drivers identified in The Australian Healthy Foods Report. Whether you need assistance with new product developments, repositioning or brand messaging, this session will enable you to workshop strategic opportunities for your brand with our Senior Strategist, Grant Davidson. The presentation will be tailored to best suit your current needs, the key focus being to help you build successful and resilient brands in 2023 and beyond.