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Unblackit Milk

Nowadays, with the endless array of dairy products, choosing one can be a nightmare! When faced with shelves stocked of a wide range of products, we naturally choose the one we find most appealing or attractive.

Capitlising on this, the Dairy Farmers of America in collaboration with their design agency, designed a milk bottle that seeks to ‘steal’ customers eyes. Moving away from the stereotypical white bottled milk, “Unblackit”, is unlike any other milk you’ll find on shelf.


This gorgeous milk jug is made of clear glass and is completely wrapped in black paper.


In an otherwise all-white milk shelf, this milk is contained in a transparent glass bottle with black paper wrapped around it. The presence of a black-packaged bottle on a shelf adjacent to other dairy products captivates the customer’s interest, prompting them to investigate the mystery of a black bottle.



The stylised black dots that are revealed along the glass once the black paper is removed resemble those found on a milking cow. To achieve this effect, perforated paper with sticky dots are used. Unwrapping, or “unblackiting”, is the last phase in the package design process, which also serves as the product’s naming concept.



Aside from the spots that look like they belong on a real cow, there’s also distinctive typography and a logo that were designed to match the cow pattern aesthetic. The team decided on a classic glass bottle as the ideal alternative for storing milk, primarily because glass has a greater capacity to keep milk fresh while still having an attractive appearance.


Given the wide range of dairy products available today, as well as their abundance on store shelves, a product’s eye-catching appearance and unique selling proposition are more important than ever in this competitive market.



Unblackit appears to be on track to fulfil its goal of disrupting the dairy aisles by including a cow-spotted logo and fostering an interactive consumer experience.



Written by Grant Davidson
Grant is the founding partner and head of strategy at Davidson Branding. Over his 30 year career, Grant has developed world’s best practice knowledge and expertise through his studies at Harvard Business School and his experience working with global leading brands.
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