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With bursts of delectable flavours produced from natural fruit and plant extracts, Waterdrop encourages you to drink more water. Simply add water to the vitamin-packed compressed cube and enjoy the flavours from their environmentally friendly drinkware.

On a business trip in 2016, Martin Murray, CEO and co-founder, created the product concept. Struggling to find water that was not full of sugar or in a plastic bottle whilst on the road, he knew a great business opportunity was there.


The brand compresses a variety of fruit and plant mixes to remove all of their sugars and water, leaving only the essence of their flavours. These are combined with various vitamins and packed in little bullion-sized cubes that, when submerged in water, resulting in a highly nutritious and hydrating drink.



With its minimum “microdrink” cubes, which utilise substantially less packaging than standard packaging in single-use bottles, Waterdrop has developed a dedicated following across Europe since its launch in 2017.


Compared to standard prefilled bottled beverages, the direct-to-consumer business claims to save up to 98% on the packaging and CO2 emissions.



When designing its waterdrop microdrink, a 5-g cube of powdered health and wellness components that dissolves in water, the company put sustainability and aesthetic packaging design first to create a fantastic consumer experience.


The brand opted to individually wrap each Waterdrop for the primary packaging to provide customers more options and ensure optimal product freshness.



The package design for the world’s first microdrink was created by KVELL, who created this unique and innovative design for Waterdrop, reflecting the product’s simplicity.


The transparent blister’s body is square, while the lip is shaped like a stylised waterdrop. The waterdrop emblem and a backdrop colour corresponding to the product variety are printed on a peelable lidding film on each blister.


Colours and images inspired by each flavour’s fruits and flora adorn the exterior container.


Waterdrop has also teamed up with Plastic Bank, pledging to subsidise the collection of one water bottle for every waterdrop pack sold.


Waterdrop also sells sleek reusable water bottles inspired by the brand’s collection, making hydration more stylish and sustainable than ever. 




Written by Michael Callan
Mike is Davidson's Group Design Director with extensive experience across the corporate, retail and consumer goods sectors. Over his 25 year career, Mike has been recognised as a multi-award-winning designer - including AGDA, Melbourne & New York Design Awards.
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