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Zara Beauty; embracing inclusivity and sustainability

Zara Beauty is making its mark in the beauty space by launching a makeup line whose sole mission is to promote inclusivity, sustainability and self-expression. The fashion-forward Spanish retailer has introduced an all cruelty-free and vegan beauty range; its products suitable for a wide range of skin tones and placed inside refillable packaging. Known for continuously pushing the creative boundaries, Zara Beauty encourages customers to express their unique style; its clean packaging resembling a blank canvas waiting to be filled with the product line's broad range of vibrant colours.

The world-renowned Spanish retailer Zara recently expanded its horizons by unveiling its very own beauty range under the “Zara Beauty” subheading; offering an extensive range of products for the face, lips, eyes and nails in addition to their already established fragrance range. With 21 items available in over 130 different colours, Zara Beauty has idealised the concept of bold colour when creating their “vivid spectrum of shades”.


Zara Beauty

Zara Beauty has carefully chosen each ingredient to produce pure products that have not been tested on animals. 


The iconic British makeup artist Diane Kendal has masterfully encapsulated her drive to create a sustainable and clean cosmetic range with Zara through the impactful slogan “there is no beauty, only beauties”. The strong brand positioning emphasises the inclusivity element at the core of the brand, clearly differentiating the Spanish retailer from its competitors. Zara Beauty has focused on its vouch to use the “highest performance ingredients and clean formulas” with the driving factor of increasing consumer awareness about waste; clearly supported by releasing the vegan, cruelty-free products in refillable packaging.




In a bid to increase inclusivity in the beauty space, Zara Beauty has consciously crafted a range of cosmetics that are compatible with a broader range of skin colours available; this further demonstrated by the diversity reflected through the choice of models promoting the makeup range. The brand also encourages consumers to experiment with an array of styles, textures and colours by embracing bold colours that suit the upcoming seasons and future fashion trends.


Zara Beauty

Zara Beauty’s large spectrum of colours offers boundless possibilities and limitless creativity. The whole collection is available for purchase in-store and online globally.




Baron & Baron, the design agency responsible for Zara’s striking logo, is also the mastermind behind the chic white packaging concept. The sleek minimalist design masterfully encapsulates everything the cosmetic range stands for – clean beauty. Whilst neutral and simple, the unmarked white packaging is also fashion-forward and edgy; the cleanliness speaking to the sustainable aspect of the brand. Its minimalist design is like a blank canvas that is ready to be filled with the product line’s broad range of vibrant colours and each consumer’s unique expression of style. The physical form of packaging design incorporates a slant that is a subtle nod to the slant in the Zara logotype, maintaining coherency throughout Zara’s different collections. This reinforces the Zara brand in a sophisticated manner whilst creating a unique design characteristic that has a strong shelf standout.


Zara Beauty

Zara Beauty’s packaging, designed by Fabien Baron, creatively combines the ideas of luxury with innovation. 


Zara Beauty’s range of refillable cosmetic products links to the brand’s ethos; promoting inclusivity, sustainability and self-expression through colour. The brand’s strong positioning clearly highlights what is unique about the range and its products; differentiating Zara from its competitors and setting it apart as an innovator in the beauty space.


Zara Beauty

The Zara Beauty items have been “crafted to keep” with a simple refillable system that has been thoughtfully constructed to uphold sustainability. 




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