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GeneType – A Brand For Better Health

GeneType is a global leader in the development of genetic risk assessment technology. They provide testing to all 50 states in the US, Australia, and around the world. GeneType tests analyse DNA markers to predict an individual’s risk of developing chronic disease, allowing patients and healthcare providers to take steps for early detection and prevention. GeneType strives to improve health outcomes by embracing a proactive and accessible approach to identifying chronic disease.

GeneType required a rebrand to drive their expansion into the global market. Their position in an emerging category meant that a lack of consumer awareness and knowledge presented a major barrier to the successful promotion and uptake of their innovative risk assessment technology, and therefore the new brand and materials had to be both accessible and educational.

Davidson first conducted an in-depth analysis of the competitive landscape, identifying that the category dynamics were relatively polarised. On one extreme were companies with an older, more masculine brand image built around ‘science-oriented’ associations that may be perceived as inaccessible and intimidating. On the other end of the spectrum were lower-end brands striving to be fun and interesting, but losing credibility as a result. In an emerging yet crowded category, we sought to differentiate GeneType by targeting the middle of these extremes – creating a brand that was friendly, fun, and accessible to users, yet strongly backed by science.

Our extensive consumer research also informed the new GeneType brand strategy. In a category full of medical jargon, our target audience were looking for a credible brand that empowered them to take control of their health. The sensitive subject matter of the tests and GeneType’s focus on educating users informed the design of their brand identity – soft and inviting colours combined with the visual motif of two cells dividing symbolizes an approachable medical service. All brand photography was warm and reassuring with information laid out in an easily digestible manner. These design elements were applied across all brand collateral including the new website design, kit packaging, brochures, and forms.

GeneType’s new brand strategy and identity has greatly increased consumer engagement through its application across channels such as their new website. Their friendly, accessible, yet credible brand image aligns with their focus on educating users, positioning them to continue growing brand awareness and improving health outcomes.

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