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GeneType Brand Identity Design
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GeneType Website Design

GeneType is a global leader in the development of genetic risk assessment technology. With a CLIA certified and ISO-accredited laboratory in Melbourne, they provide testing to all 50 states in the US, Australia, and around the world. GeneType tests analyse DNA markers and factors like age to predict an individual’s risk of developing chronic disease, allowing patients and healthcare providers to take steps for early detection and prevention. Through forming partnerships with experts from world-class organisations and investing in their own research capabilities, GeneType continually strives to improve health outcomes by embracing a proactive approach to identifying chronic disease.

Coinciding with their rebrand and expansion into the global market, GeneType required a website platform to educate and promote their risk assessment tools. The website would serve as an information resource for both patients and their healthcare providers to prompt a conversation about their genetic risk of a disease and determine if the test is right for them.

Given the scientific nature of the content, a key challenge was designing the layout of information to provide a simple yet engaging and user-friendly experience. This need for simplicity extended to the management of the website back-end, which required the flexibility to build new web pages with internal resources as more tests become available.

Davidson first designed a sitemap that grouped information into easy-to-follow sections for a seamless user journey. During the wireframing process, we approached the website as a modular build—this allows content blocks to be repopulated with new content, reused and reordered to easily build new pages or update existing ones without coding knowledge. The styling of the content block aligns with the new visual identity through the chosen photography, infographics, graphic devices, iconography, colour palette, and typography. These visual elements help break up content, contextualise information, and reinforce the GeneType brand.

The main goal of the GeneType website design is to guide visitors through the desired user journey, from being educated about the tests to determining whether it is right for them. On the test information pages, multiple call-to-action buttons are strategically placed to optimise conversion rates. The buttons lead to an interactive questionnaire that helps the visitor assess whether the test is suitable for them. If answers determine that the patient is suitable, a recommendation is made on the next steps.

In the three months since its launch, the GeneType website has generated 1,213 page views with an average time from predominantly Australian and American users – the specified target audience. Australian users have an average session duration of 3:25, with an impressively low bounce rate of 38%. Most importantly, the website platform is key to enabling the strategic product expansion that will drive GeneType’s future growth.

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